Finisar: Switching light for faster, more reliable internet

In 2001, while multinational companies were spending billions of dollars trying to find the next big thing in internet technology, the four founders of Sydney-based company Finisar came up with an idea that wou...

September 21, 2018

Members of the Performance Drivers Consortium found the combination of LaserBond’s use of advanced technologies and Lean practices offered them many new ideas.

In Rondo's state-of-the-art facility visitors saw how layout and movement play a role in optimising the productivity of this facility.

Lean and MOS tools are being used to optimise the capacity and capability of their facilities. Although the operation made a real impact on the site visitors for the cultural change Salmat has achieved in three years.

The impact of Industry 4.0 is expected to be significant. The key benefits will be productivity gains and improved competitiveness. But there are challenges...

Taking it to the next level. How Lean and Industry 4.0 fit together to overcome the limitations of current systems

People make the difference when undertaking significant business changes and effectively managing and developing them will realise the benefits of Industry 4.0.

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