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Performance Drivers

Providing access to seasoned experts who drive greater business success

I founded Performance Drivers in the year 2000 to make it easier for people to find experts who could help make performance improvements in their business.


Performance Drivers focuses on the operational, functional, and technical aspects of business that deliver the products and services, rather than the go-to-market functions that do the promoting and selling of products and services.


Performance Drivers and its team of Grey Haired Gurus was built to answer the need for the knowledge, skills, and wisdom born of experience, which when injected into an organisation will accelerate its journey to greater success. They can work as consultants, advisers, contractors, interim managers or interim executives, to fit your needs.


There is no predictable requirement, every business we work with is different. The conversations we have with each business are the key to unlocking the potential of the Grey Haired Gurus for them.

More than 200 businesses have chosen to work with us.

We offer them, and you;


  • A full understanding of your needs, listening and reflecting to confirm our understanding 

  • Consistent and open communication 

  • Delivery of measurable benefits at a fair fee for service 

  • Thorough and personal knowledge of each Grey Haired Guruʻs capabilities

  • Specialists who will get the job done, according to your requirements

  • Innovation using appropriate and proven business methodologies 

  • Responsibility and accountability for the work we do

  • Respect and confidentiality

  • The highest level of business ethics and integrity

  • Team work, working with you and your team to achieve your goals

Our team wants to perform beyond your expectations.The Grey Haired Gurus have already excelled in their chosen fields, now they find satisfaction in using and sharing their knowledge, skills, and hard-won experience, to help you reach and exceed your goals.

To further assist our clients, a forum for businesses to share performance improvement knowledge and experience was established. The Performance Drivers Consortium facilitates collaboration, the sharing of ideas and methodologies and their impact on the capability of businesses and their teams. 


The Grey Haired Gurus and the Performance Drivers Consortium are supported by our office team who keep the operations and communication at Performance Drivers running smoothly.



Please feel free to give me a call and have a chat, or click to email me.


Richard Blow

Managing Director, Performance Drivers

02 9683 6200

Providing value starts with me.


Understanding your business and what you want to achieve. Maintaining our network of Grey Haired Gurus, and knowing their strengths and capabilities  intimately.


Keeping our responses quick and accurate,  communication open, and our involvement with clients flexible.
                                              Richard Blow

After studying Electronic Engineering at the University of New South Wales, my career took me across Australia, to New Zealand, and the UK. For more than 30 years I worked in communications, high technology, construction, manufacturing, distribution, and consulting.  


I've experienced the challenges businesses face as they work to improve performance; understand and implement new  approaches; and embed new processes, protocols, and management practices into their culture.  


Seeing those businesses struggle to put in place the skills and expertise they needed to effectively act on their plans, while maintaining existing business activity inspired the creation of Performance Drivers. 

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