Performance Drivers Consortium

The Consortium is an opportunity to;

  • Share real world experience

  • See best practice models and business improvement methods in action

  • Get hands-on exposure to the use of professional assessment tools

  • Accelerate identification of issues and sustainable solutions

  • Tap into the knowledge and experience of your professional peers and the Grey Haired Gurus®

Performance Drivers Consortium provides a forum, a network, and the opportunity to benefit from the experience of an objective group of fellow professionals. 

For more than ten years, member businesses like Bluescope, PepsiCo, and ANSTO have taken the opportunity to step back from the day-to-day to get insights and feedback from the Consortium. They tell us that their participation and interaction with the Consortium is valuable. 


It is a positive and welcoming environment where they get exposed to different ideas and approaches. They hear how other businesses are tackling the management of operational and technical challenges, and can explore how those businesses are putting improvements into practice. It’s access they wouldn’t normally get, and it has been described by one member as eye-opening.


Thought provoking and useful. Powerful tools to implement in any area.

Excellent balance between theory, site tour and discussions.

Extremely relevant to my company! Appreciated the host company’s openness


Membership is by application, and competitive and conflict issues are considered before

a membership commences.

The annual membership of $1,960.00 + GST provides:

  • Seven site tours, up to six of your team members from your business can attend each site visit to learn about the improvement journeys of other Consortium members

  • Two places at the annual Leaders Forum for operations and senior management 

  • Private Linkedin Group to maintain contact with the network between events

  • Email and phone support

Prefer to have a chat about whether the Consortium is a good fit for you, call us on 02 9683 6200

How the Performance Drivers Consortium Works

What is included in a Consortium Site Visit

  • Background on the site, its history, and its challenges

  • Session on the assessment tool used by our Grey Haired Gurus at the site

  • Guided tour of the site

  • Workshop to provide the host with feedback from the Grey Haired Gurus and Consortium members


The site tours allow the host to showcase their improvement journey and best practices. It provides the host and Consortium members with the opportunity to reflect on their achievements, any issues, and the identification of sustainable solutions.


Site visits can cover business performance improvement, change management, organisational culture, program and project delivery, understanding the market, leadership, and data analytics.


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