Sebel Furniture Minto - Performance Drivers Consortium site tour

Sebel Furniture has gone from voluntary administration, through business transformation, to become a growth organisation.

Sebel’s business transformation program is delivering results by focusing on people. Embracing Lean, Sebel are developing their leaders. Giving them tools like positive leadership and Visual Management so they can be catalysts for extraordinary change and growth.

Greg Mottram and the Sebel team generously offered a ‘warts and all’ insight into their successes and their struggles from their introduction all the way through the tour of the factory floor.

Feedback from members of the Consortium attending the site visit:

“Excellent opportunity to reflect on change at Sebel and relate to my company”

“Great day. Good to see how other factories are run, especially a process facility”

“Appreciated the honesty and openness of the Sebel management, learnt a lot”

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