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We Work With You

Yes, you can have flexible and timely access to the expertise you need. You donʻt have to choose a package, or fit into a formula. 

Interim executives and project managers, no fixed-term contract, and rapid results.

We start with a conversation that focuses on understanding your business and what you need to achieve, then we find the right member or members of our team.

How we work

We have a large team with proven records in their areas of expertise, and experience delivering measurable and sustainable outcomes. This network of highly skilled professionals possess;

  • subject matter expertise 

  • practical, hands-on skills 

  • experience applying their knowledge in a breadth of industries, and 

  • understand the overall business environment. 


Whether you need advice, have a short-term staffing need, or a complex and evolving project; we will work with you, to provide the professional technical, operational or management expertise you need, to get the work done and rapidly achieve results. 


We donʻt lock you into a fixed-term contract; we only charge for the days they work. 

Don't wait weeks, get results now

When I approached Performance Drivers my initial thoughts were to secure a couple of Grey Haired Gurus with commercial banking experience to work within our existing team. Your suggestion that Performance Drivers manage the entire task force on our behalf proved to be of great value. 


I also appreciated the flexibility of the Performance Drivers approach. It was a great relief to know that we could reduce the team sizes or shorten the project length without incurring penalties. 


General Manager, Finance & Operations, St George Bank  

Donʻt wait weeks, get results now

When you need specialist skills, it can take weeks finding a pool of people with those skills, then assessing their credentials and experience. 

With the Grey Haired Gurus you get instant access to a pool of professionals who have extensive experience working in a contract, consulting and interim executive capacity.

They have been there and done that, know how to deliver results, and can help you:

  • Meet cost reduction, and productivity, performance, and profit improvement goals

  • Manage projects and implementation

  • Fill interim requirements at functional, management or C-level

  • Resolve business issues - service, operations, process, culture, risk, governance …

  • Conduct business diagnostics and performance reviews

  • Measure and improve performance

  • Develop strategy and plans

  • Lead or advise on quality systems, change processes …

  • Develop your teamʻs skills through mentoring

Get things moving fast. Our clients have had a Grey Haired Guru start within 24 hours of contacting us.

Performance Drivers and their consultant were able to pinpoint areas in our warehouse that needed improvement; they then suggested realistic solutions to these issues. 


Performance Driversʻ consultant implemented these solutions in a professional manner resulting in an increase in our warehouse productivity.


If the opportunity arises we would use Performance Drivers again.


Director, Hair & Beauty, Amway  

Domains of Experience, Methodologies & Industries


  • Project management

  • Operations management

  • Engineering

  • Logistics and Supply Chain

  • ITC

  • Change management

  • General management

  • Procurement

  • Strategic planning

  • Information management

  • Technical Specialists

  • Contract management

  • Production management


  • BPI

  • Lean 

  • Six Sigma

  • TOC

  • Balanced Scorecard

  • MOS

  • Operational & Process mapping

  • Diagnostics

  • Quality systems

  • SCOR 

  • OEE

  • Performance measurement and review


  • Manufacturing

  • Warehousing & Supply Chain

  • Infrastructure

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Health & Pharmaceutical

  • Government

  • IT & Telecommunications

  • Defence

  • Finance, Banking & Insurance

  • Media

  • Construction

Scope what you need in a Grey Haired Guru 

This tool will help you quickly consider what you need to get done, the skills and knowledge required, and the actions needed to put those skills and in place.

Prefer to talk about what you need? Call us on 02 9683 6200

Scope your GHG needs
Scope what you need in a GHG
Meet the Grey Haired Gurus

With hundreds of highly qualified professionals on the team we canʻt introduce you to them all.  

You can learn about a dozen or so of our gurus though, whose background and experience we are sharing here. They represent a small cross-section of the team. Donʻt hesitate to ask if we can find someone in the team to fit your needs.

  • Malcolm - Strategy, Change and Business Transformation"
    With over thirty years of experience as a trusted executive adviser, Mal specialises in strategy and future-proofing, and the dynamics that drive organisational performance and resilience. He coaches leaders and entrepreneurs in architecting high performance, outcome-focused thinking and designing collaborative roadmaps to deliver new futures. His international consulting experience spans most industries, public and private sectors in organisations large and small, including Defence, Telecoms, Finance and Security, Energy, Pharma, Health and Science, Federal and State Government. Mal is a Certified Advisory Board Chair and has been advising and facilitating growth in SMEs for most of that period, and involved as entrepreneur or director in many start-ups and growth businesses. He helps by focusing on people and outcomes through joined-up thinking, embracing change to build resilience and agility: Engaging key players to review and reshape strategy and performance. Challenging the thinking to stimulate innovation, creating new futures, transformation & growth. Facilitating Change Strategy, People-Centric Outcomes, Lean Leadership, Collaborative Performance. Coaching leaders, entrepreneurs and managers in strategy, growth, change and resilience Keynote speaking to challenge audiences with these key subjects. The results of his help are found in transformed organisations and engaged people positioned to tackle the future with smart thinking, confidence and energy. Mal designed and delivered the change strategy curriculum for the Australian Defence college senior leaders’ program. He is an accredited Trainer in psychological science-based development in Deception Detection Skills, and Emotional Skills. Mal is an author and sought-after speaker/webinar leader on change strategy, adaptivity and disruption, and futureproofing organisations. He’s presently writing his next ebook on optimising virtual work. Mal’s recent projects include: Leading Lean Leadership workshops for a widely distributed production operation to engage managers in the personal commitment of leading Lean on the ground. Identity and Biometrics transformation for the Department of Home Affairs Culture turnaround from dysfunctional to collaborate for a major resources organisation.
  • Brian - Business Improvement and Cultural Transformation
    Brian’s early career included work in deep space communication, applying innovative computer and microprocessor technology in mining, engineering and executive leadership roles. He has run, managed, and provided practical guidance to businesses for more than 35 years. Since 2000, he has specialised in business improvement and cultural transformation using continuous improvement (CI) methodologies including Lean, TPS, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Management Operating Systems (MOS). He is recognised as a leader in business transformation. With knowledge, insight, and a professional network in the United States, Brian drove the use of continuous improvement strategies and the transfer of CI knowledge to the Australian business community. The Sydney Lean Network and the Performance Drivers Consortium are just two initiatives he helped establish. Brian has a hands-on, can-do approach, but retains a focus on the high-level plan, the strategy and the vision. He works effectively at all levels of the organisation making good use of training and communication of vital information to facilitate process, culture, and workplace changes. His track record includes three major business turnarounds. Taking each organisation from bad management, low morale, and financial problems to highly motivated and profitable. Brian has accomplished 50 successful business transformations in Australian businesses. Working with businesses in manufacturing, process industries, FMCG, construction, financial services, administration, government, and the health sector. Recent business improvements Brian has achieved include: Increasing a building product manufacturer’s output by 22% using existing machine and staff resources, and increasing their on time delivery from 88% to 98% Implementing business structure, business model, and operational changes improving efficiency in an electronics factory preventing its closure. Saving $1.2m per annum in a manufacturers inventory, warehouse and distribution operations, eliminating a rented storage facility, improving warehouse layout, and the management of raw materials.
  • Elle – Performance Improvement, Financial and Management Accounting"
    Elle specialises in applying financial, project, and management accounting to the improvement of business systems, processes and reporting. She has extensive experience managing accounting shared-services, as well as working with senior stakeholders on key business initiatives. During her career Elle has worked in FMCG and food businesses with factory, warehouse and freight operations across multiple sites and multiple business units. Elle has provided critical information and advice to these businesses identifying and addressing issues to improve value and supply chain execution, and manufacturing. To achieve the most cost effective and best risk management outcomes she applies a wide range of analysis and reporting to monitor performance and support decision-making: Continuous improvement on the performance and scalability of business systems, processes and reporting Business activity reviews and recommendations Analysis, forecasting, and decision support scenario analysis variance analysis full absorbed product cost-modelling understanding cost anatomy (batch production) customer-SKU Profitability operations scorecard and cost forecast BOY forecasts – net sales Developing reports, databases, and tools for decision-making and performance management Loan facility management Asset management and valuation Elle worked on multiple change projects for a food business including; reducing $1m in material wastage, creating Excel models for fully absorbed product costing and freight, and developing an SKU profitability database. She has also managed key commercial finance activities for system migrations, business ownership changes and organisational restructuring.
  • Graham - Project Management and Supply Chain
    Graham began his career as a heating and ventilation engineer. Then headed into supply chain logistics where he found a wide variety of business challenges to feed his passion for defining and driving improvements. He has worked in logistics, warehousing, distribution management, customer service, and project management for more than 30 years. Managing many improvement projects and business relocations in leadership roles with international and local FMCG businesses, and during assignments as an interim executive. Graham’s strengths lie in operational reviews, project implementation, training, and his specialist field of logistics planning and warehouse layout design. He is skilled in finding where performance is falling short, identifying improvement options, and communicating how the desired outcome can be achieved. He has worked with large and small teams across all levels. Leading and building teams and their capabilities. Graham enjoys adding value. Defining the issues and implementing recommended actions. Providing support, reviewing and identifying further improvements to generate greater productivity and lower costs. Completing projects and handing them over in a fully operational state. His recent engagements include: documenting a client’s processes from imports through manufacturing to distribution, highlighting and addressing weaknesses and bottlenecks, establishing KPIs for reporting, achieving streamlined processes and an easy to follow manual. introducing a new pick path flow, changing the warehouse layout to flow better, and adding an RF tracking system reducing costs by 26%. managing capital, workforce, and operations development and implementation to incorporate a newly acquired business into a client’s existing business with no loss of productivity.
  • David - Continuous Improvement
    David’s mission is to lead, guide, and coach operations teams to make change happen in ways which mean their best day is a more frequent and predictable occurrence With a BSc Mechanical Engineering, an MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering and more than 30 years of experience David can create significant improvements in business processes and outcomes. He is a problem-solver who understands the mechanics of business processes; workflow, data, interactions, measures, behaviours, control systems, logic and business models and how to use them to greatest effect. Knowing that this also makes a difference to people’s working lives. As their work is more controlled and less frustrating, making it more enjoyable and rewarding. This is achieved by applying the right skills and the right thinking using the tools from the Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, and Toyota Production System methodologies and other business process improvement, material and information flow, and continuous improvement practices. He introduces these theories and concepts with practical, real-life stories of their application. David’s breadth of work includes delivering improved results, enabling organisations to undertake their own improvement journey and maintain a continuous improvement focus in their business, as in the following examples of his work: reducing job cycle time by 50% for an equipment supplier’s external service operation using visual control techniques to improve processes achieving an $800k annual cost saving for a building materials business providing an end-to-end solution, including business system design, technical process specifications, model testing procedures and end-user training leading ten initiatives for a North Queensland metal producer; increasing ore production from the underground mine by 10%, resolving a smelter bottleneck, and synchronising activities along the entire work stream. preparing and delivering continuous improvement awareness sessions for 550 employees of a large government agency to establish a collective understanding of Lean and Six Sigma concepts and ideas developing a continuous improvement roadmap for an aviation business, conducting a a Lean Organisational Readiness Assessment to define the CI Journey starting point providing detailed milestones and checkpoints for recognising achievements during their journey.
  • Tony – Strategy, Change, and Business Transformation"
    Tony is passionate about helping people and organisations build their capabilities. While he has a BSc and an MBA, he also uses his understanding of people and what they want to work through the issues and deliver effective results. Tony has a wealth of business transformation expertise, the agnosticism of an outsider, as well as knowledge and experience with a range of strategy, business transformation, and change methodologies. He has worked in Australia and internationally, in senior executive roles and as a consultant embedded in organisations to lead projects. These projects have been in major businesses operating in information technology, business services, distribution, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services and government including: An 18-month total business transformation and change program for a process control automation business; addressing sales, marketing, operations, customer service management, finance, human resources, IT and administration. The business performance improvements delivered a 10% increase in revenue, a 10% improvement in margin and 5% improvement in the cost structure. Delivery of a 16% decrease in the cost-to-income ratio for all major processing areas of a financial institution while increasing service levels and customer satisfaction. Operational and management system improvements for a national shipping and logistics business. Delivering efficiency improvements in processing facilities, transport, and the delivery network, reducing staffing costs by $60m over a three-year period. In addition to this, warehouses supplying the retail outlets were re-organised for greater efficiency, and forecasting and inventory level management was improved. Tony also has extensive experience successfully integrating technology into the fabric of organisations. He uses a holistic approach to navigate and manage the enabling and disrupting effects of technology on a business. This means the business model, operating models, processes, and organisational structure all get considered as part of the change process, not just the technology. Key skills Understanding how to grow markets, products and services Change management Blue Ocean Strategy Prosci Coaching and mentoring
  • Sam – Business Improvement and Project Management
    Sam is a leader and manager with a practical and hands-on approach who has delivered significant business performance improvements in complex capital projects as well as profit and service improvement projects. After completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) at the University of Sydney he worked as an engineer and technical manager. Developing new products and processes taught him that a deep understanding of process and customer requirements is necessary to make sustainable improvements. Sam certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt and has more than 20 years of experience using Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing principles, Quality Management Systems, Business Process Re-engineering, among other business improvement methodologies and techniques. His approach to business improvement is data-driven, but he also develops a thorough understanding of the process and the situation, and how it effects the customer. Sam sees the risk analysis and the application of risk avoidance processes as equally important to achieving success in his business improvement projects. Sam marries his operational skills with strong people skills addressing organisational culture and training, drawing on his extensive operations leadership, line and project management experience to lead projects, facilitate, and develop client’s capabilities. He’s applied his skills to maintenance, asset management, manufacturing, logistics, quality assurance, customer service, order processing, and supply chain business activities in organisations as diverse as financial institutions, food processors, and government services. Priding himself on a reputation for delivering on time and on budget, Sam delivers sustainable and measurable improvements in client’s operations: Realising savings of $1.3m for building materials manufacturer with a Lean implementation that changed materials use and closed an inventory storage site. Reducing raw materials inventory by 20% saving $2m and reducing third party logisitics usage saving $500k per annum for an aerosol processor, by reviewing and modifying ERP system settings and supply chain management practices. Facilitating a major change process for a State water corporation by producing Swim Lane, As Is and To Be process maps to see the effects of implementing a revolutionary Computer Aided River Management system on individual roles, accountabilities, interactions, upstream and downstream process dependencies, and new operational structures. Key skills Business improvement Change management Business Process Re-engineering Quality Management Project management
  • Ken – Business Improvement and Project Management
    Ken has more than 20 years of experience analysing problems and creating business improvements by applying rigorous management, cost reductions, and increasing productivity, to deliver profitable outcomes. With a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, an MBA, and a suite of skills in Lean, Six Sigma and Management Operating Systems methodologies, Ken’s passion for creating business excellence and focus on people has been applied in the food, FMCG, agribusiness, mining, chemicals, packaging, water and waste water sectors. He brings an understanding of the financial, commercial and marketing sides of business to his approach having worked for 25 years in industrial sales, marketing, and production, including roles as a business improvement manager and running Six Sigma programs. During more than a decade of consulting he has worked with marketing and production people to: turnaround the troubled launch of a new product to generate a healthy gross profit quickly increase productivity on an underperforming manufacturing processing line by 100% and within 12 months added a further 50% improvement save a mining processing line from closure with improvements which added $18m to the bottom line within 3 months Applying keen observation and the principles of Lean, Six Sigma, MOS, and continuous improvement with rigorous project management, Ken has been able to optimise warehouse and distribution systems, improve production scheduling and efficiency, develop appropriate KPIs, and review and provide clients with recommendations which they can act on to generate improvements. Ken’s team leadership, communication and training skills complement his business improvement and project management expertise. With analytical and problem-solving skills, and the ability to successfully engage people at every level of the business, he achieves results. Key skills Project management Continuous Improvement Lean Six Sigma Management Operating Systems (MOS) Training
  • Ian – Strategic Business Growth
    Generating growth and profitability for engineering, industrial, and technology companies has been Ian’s focus for more than 25 years. He began his career as a design engineer, then completed an MBA and has concentrated on business strategy and development ever since. Undertaking analysis, strategy and planning; merger, acquisition and divestment activity; business development, tender and bid management; as well as holding profit and loss responsibility and leadership positions. Ian has produced significant business results. Building businesses by: acquiring and establishing new lines of business producing $5-200 million per annum winning bids for projects worth $10-900 million developing market entry strategies worth more than $1 billion per annum Ian has led a variety of complex projects, preparing and executing strategy, plans, tenders, and commercial reviews in the infrastructure, commercial buildings, construction, transport, resource & mining, energy, defence and industrial sectors. As a senior business professional Ian brings great communication skills to his work, managing diverse groups of professionals during bid processes, mentoring business development teams, and negotiating joint venture arrangements and business acquisitions. The breadth of Ian’s experience and depth of his expertise has helped large companies delivering major infrastructure and large scale engineering and service delivery programmes, as well as small to medium enterprises, achieve their growth and profitability goals. Key skills Business development Business strategy Business analysis Market analysis Mergers and acquisitions Business planning and development for engineering, industrial and technology sectors People leadership
  • Chris – Project Management and Manufacturing Engineering
    Chris is a specialist in manufacturing business relocations and upgrades. This specialty developed during a career in manufacturing which began as a trainee, and progressed to senior management within a decade. After certificate level studies he completed a degree in Production Engineering with honours. His expertise in manufacturing engineering, project management and the design of special purpose manufacturing machinery along with training in value engineering, works study, and management led to technical, production, and engineering management positions with global manufacturing companies. Chris has undertaken more than a dozen manufacturing business relocations and upgrades during the last 30 years. Completing the most recent one last year. He has led these projects within the senior management roles he has held, and as a specialist service provider. The approach Chris takes is strategic, and the scope of the work he undertakes can include: developing the User Requirements Specification reporting and communication with stakeholders risk management site selection contractor selection briefs for architects, consultants, builders and building trades services design briefs itemised detailed costings planning schedules space planning & layout development for offices, laboratories, manufacturing and warehouse areas upgrade, improvement, design and construction of new production processes as part of the relocation developing arrangements to manage working concurrently on old and new sites supervision of fit out works, relocation and integration defects management and wrap up making good old sites that have been vacated during the project Chris helps businesses achieve the strategic advantage they want from their investment, while maintaining smooth operations and uninterrupted service to customers during their projects. His recent projects have been for investments in the range of $3-40m. He has worked on projects for manufacturers producing a variety of consumer goods, building products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive products, appliances and whitegoods. The projects have included developing and relocating to greenfield sites, and into existing facilities. He has relocated and integrated a subsidiary business into the parent company’s operation to produce administrative, manufacturing and distribution productivity improvements. Purpose-built a facility to accommodate aggressive growth by the company over the next 10 years, and been recommended to another division of the same company for a growth driven move to substantially larger premises. Key skills manufacturing business relocations and upgrades project management
  • Bhaddy – Lean and Project Management
    Bhaddy began his career as an apprentice with Toyota. He was quickly promoted to leadership positions, and became an expert in the Toyota Way working to improve the business and putting forward new ideas. Over 17 years he delivered high value projects and programmes that enhanced operational performance. He now has a Lean Master Black Belt and three decades of experience using sophisticated tools and methodologies to transform the operations of leading organisations in pharmaceutical, maritime, aerospace, automotive, rail, FMCG, logistics, defence, police, education, housing, health and regulatory services. As a consultant he has translated Lean into easy to understand language that has made real change happen in both brownfield and green field sites. Bhaddy has a flair for leading and nurturing people to develop winning teams. Using the principles of lean, he coaches teams to identify value, understand and see the current state, and take steps to achieve value for the customer by producing better products and improved service. Getting that outcome safely, reliably, at the right cost, and in a sustainable culture of continuous improvement. Recently Bhaddy has worked with a major transport provider. Improvement focused on safety, quality, delivery, cost, and people was important to this organisation. A reform strategy was executed using balanced score card, MOS, Lean systems thinking, Visual Management instructional design and coaching, with standard operating procedures and production planning being among the items addressed. Many outcomes exceeded the plan with: Injury frequency rates went down by 40% more than plan The net operating cost budget variance was 4.4% better than plan Key engineering and maintenance projects were 100% on schedule Asset related incidents reduced by 10% Bhaddy achieves operational excellence by engaging with people, challenging process, and utilising technologies and systems that target defined performance improvement. Key skills Continuous Improvement Project & programme management Lean Master Black Belt Airbus Lean Strategy Execution Lean Leadership Development Lean Op Excellence Toyota Production System Standard Operations Hoshin Kanri, Policy Deployment Strategy into Action Visual Management Interval Control Practical Problem Solving
  • Alex - Business Improvement and Project Management
    During 20 years of consulting and interim management Alex has provided advice and expertise to find practical and sustainable solutions to business problems. While managing businesses in the food industry he discovered that the problem-solving aspect of his work was of most interest, and he made the move away from general management to pursue his interest. Turning around under-performing businesses, developing growth strategies, and increasing profitability had whet his appetite for working on business strategy, change management, operational excellence, and continuous improvement. Alex's skills include expertise in methodologies like Six Sigma, Lean and MOS, project management, and a well-developed ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the organisation from the shop floor to the boardroom. Alex has experience in telecommunications, mining, transport, financial services, and various types of manufacturing. He has managed: Large-scale cost reduction projects for a major telecommunications company and an international airline, realising savings of $100+m per annum Improvements generating productivity increases of 10-25% for large manufacturing and mining businesses Production output improvements of 25% using MOS, for a food processor, eliminating the need to expand processing facilities and saving $20m in capital expenditure Alex works with the business, providing input, training and coaching to the people in the business who will also identify and address business improvement opportunities. They can then sustain the improvements and make further improvements, like the manufacturer that gained 10-20% productivity improvements in the five plants where Alex helped establish continuous improvement processes. Key skills Business strategy Business improvement Change management Continuous improvement Project management Six Sigma Lean MOS Training and coaching
  • Karl - Business Improvement and Logistics
    Karl began his career with a BA (Hons) in business behind him. He gained business experience and managerial skills first in demand planning, purchasing, and customer service, then in logistics. He has 15 years of experience in business improvement and a Lean Sigma Six Black Belt. His work provides a variety of experiences with different businesses and satisfaction comes from delivering the desired outcomes. He cut his business improvement teeth on a $1.3 million routing software implementation for a major international company. The solution he delivered being rolled out to across the company’s worldwide locations. Karl has managed many major projects, leading and project managing large and dispersed workforces. His strengths include; on-the-job training, team building, drawing the best working knowledge from the team, and communicating effectively to sell ideas and drive change. He has a strong knowledge of the obstacles logistics can present and the specialist skills to address them. He uses data analysis and fault finding, defining process improvements, logistics planning, Lean Six Sigma, project management, and operational review and recommendations to deliver improvement solutions. Karl has helped Performance Driversʻ customers: Reducing delays in operational processes and non-productive time by 15%. By linking the operations of seven departments with an operation manual prepared after interviewing employees and re-defining work flows, roles, processes, and timelines. Achieving a productivity improvement of 10% through proper use of existing business software for real time processing of supply chain data. By updating forecasting and data collection and its flow through to production scheduling, streamlining work processes, and providing training to improve stock accuracy and system reliability. Saving 5 hours of labour per week and improving customer service levels. By implementing storage bin locations to overcome inventory control issues including setting trigger reorder points, daily cyclic stock counting, increasing stock file and task allocation accuracy.
  • Chris - Business planning, transformation, and project management"
    Chris trained as a mechanical design engineer, working with CSIRO then in building services design and project management. Followed by executive and strategic roles with well-known construction, telecommunications, transport, infrastructure, marketing and charitable organisations. For more than 20 years Chris has successfully managed and delivered high-value strategic projects. His business planning skills, project management, and creative problem solving have seen him develop and implement business transformation projects in technical, engineering, sales and marketing, and corporate operations. From initiatives within functional areas to the development and launch of new subsidiaries the breadth of his leadership and management skills and experience has delivered sustainable value. Defining the direction, actions, and ongoing operation of a variety of businesses. Chris's capabilities range from strategic analysis to ERP design and implementation, operational review and improvement, and design and delivery of business transformation projects. He has helped businesses define the improvements they need, then prepare and implement solutions like; launching an international airline, directing this project and 400 project staff from development to launch for A$70m. He developed a A$200m building automation business, rolling out business improvements nationally, increasing sales revenue by almost 100% within 2 years. Key skills Strategic planning Business case development Business planning, transformation and integration Project management, governance and delivery management
  • Paul - Business Transformation
    Paul's career began as an electrical and electronic engineer working on submarines, then into business improvement in FMCG, retail chain supply, rail and aerospace. Since focusing solely on business improvement he has led, managed, supported, and provided advice on a series of major performance improvement initiatives in these industries. With expertise in operations management, Lean methodologies, project management, change management, process re-design, and performance management Paul applies a broad perspective to the performance issues businesses face and how they can be addressed. His track record includes introducing and delivering Lean transformation programs, and using methodologies such as Short Interval Control, MOS, Visual Management, and Tiered Visual Performance Management to achieve performance improvement. Paul is also skilled in applying Kano modelling or the Voice of the Customer. A tool which considers people's needs, this expertise reflects his people skills and strength in the knowledge sharing, communication, training and learning requirements of successful performance improvement projects. He develops the capabilities of individuals and teams to effectively use methodologies and systems to continuously identify improvement opportunities, recognise the best actions to take, and manage the deliverables. This underpins culture change and ownership of business performance improvement by the executives, managers and teams he works with. Paul has: Supported a major metropolitan public transport provider's reform program. Coaching training and supporting executive management, a new functional management team, and Project Operations to use Lean methods to introduce a new operating model and to understand and act on their improvement opportunities. Improved work quality and reduced track defects for a major rail network following improvements recommended in a review of Standard Operating Procedures. Provided a transparent view of each team's KPIs across an industrial maintenance portfolio using Tiered Visual Performance Management as the tool. Coaching and mentoring the general manager and the management team in its use for reporting and accountability. Created a continuous improvement culture within a senior project leadership team in a major transport engineering organisation using Visual Management tools to regain control of the project, improve communication and knowledge sharing, recover delayed project milestones, and manage delivery.
  • Andrew - Chartered Accountant and IT Professional
    Andrew understands the challenges businesses face. He has a wealth of experiance honed over many years working as a Chartered Accountant and IT practitioner and holding roles from payroll to being company secretary. He has worked in manufacturing and public sector organisations but has most often applied his expertise in construction and service organisations. Andrew has expertise in accounting, business system analysis and design, data migration, process improvement, project management, as well as system Implementation, upgrade, and improvement. His particular strengths are business acquisition and disposal, mobile data, complex data transfers, and systems integration. Andrew takes an holistic approach to bringing satisfaction and results to clients. Building strong relations at all levels, enjoying working with different people and on different projects, and learning with people as well as training them. In search of the best solution to the challenges he faces in business, Andrew uses a questioning approach. Uncovering and gathering information and knowledge in all areas of the organisation and from people throughout the organisation. His approach embraces an understanding that changing, or not changing, brings both risks and rewards. And that achieving best practice lies with him as well as the people and organisations he works with. Andrew’s results for clients include: the successful delivery of projects integrating mobile data systems back to core ERP systems on different ERP Solutions platforms and different mobile platforms. successfully delivering data migrations and system implementations within customer’s time restrictions. ensuring continuous and improved reporting to external agencies for the client by reducing the time taken to compile and complete ATO and other filing requirements. implementing an ERP system for an international business based in Australia in under 3 months. Extracting data from over 12 legacy databases and transferring it to the new ERP system, together with data being provided from other external systems. implementing and integrating data into an ERP system for the same client, when they acquired another multi-country business. within 3 months, updating an ERP system which was more than 2 years out of date. Bringing all ledgers up to date and ensuring the fixed asset register was reflecting the correct values of all assets.
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