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RONDO Erskine Park - Performance Drivers Consortium site tour

Moving better with Continuous Improvement.

Rondo manufactures and supplies a wide range of lighter gauge rolled formed steel products and systems, selling these products primarily to the construction industry in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. The business has a manufacturing and warehousing facility at Erskine Park in western Sydney and distribution warehouses interstate, as well as operations in New Zealand and Malaysia.


”"Encouraging to see how continuous upgrades to plant and equipment have resulted in vast output improvements."

Michael Riggien, Alsco


During the site tour in Rondo's state-of-the-art facility at Erskine Park, visitors saw how layout and movement play a role in optimising the productivity of this facility. Rondo has minimised travel time across production, storage and delivery areas by optimising factory layout in a number of time saving initiatives.

PDC visitors were impressed by how Rondo applied what they learned to improve further, as well as taking on board improvement opportunities identified by team members looking at the operation from a different perspective.

In the finished goods area, attendees were shown some advanced vehicle loading technology which demonstrates the business's innovative approach to increasing its capabilities.

This system which lifts and loads the metal products onto trucks caught the attention of the site visitors. It was developed by a member of the Rondo team and is saving a significant amount of time in loading the finished goods and removes the use of forklifts for loading, delivering higher levels of safety in the area too.

Rondo’s highly flexible, versatile, and innovative approach to developing their manufacturing capabilities includes using Visual Management, 5S, and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) among other Lean methodologies.

The site visitors noting it was a clean and well organised site, striving to continuously improve, and using performance indicators effectively to drive the business to succeed.

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