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Interface's Minto manufacturing plant - Performance Drivers Consortium site tour

Interface logo on site tour report

The 2017 site visit hosted by the team at Interface was inspiring. Interface is passionate about their Mission Zero®. All the steps they are taking are about much more than efficiency, they improve sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of the business too.

Designing from the ground up. Interface have invested in industry-leading technology and best-practice processes, creating an environment where a BPI culture and philosophy is becoming well entrenched. They are producing their most complex and sophisticated products to date. While proudly holding the title of Australia’s first Zero-Waste-to-Landfill carpet manufacturing facility.

Consortium member walked away from the site tour inspired by:

  • The determination and foresight of a leadership drive to reduce waste which has persisted for more than two decades.

  • The benefits of sitting an experienced team around the table to design and plan from a clean slate.

  • The positive impact of building business process improvement into your everyday thinking.

  • The pleasure and positive impact of coming to work in an orderly and well run site.

  • No matter how perfect everything seems on the surface, process improvement is an ongoing journey. You always have to be looking ahead and listening to what your team is concerned about.

One objective of the site visit was for Consortium members to assist in identifying improvement tools to increase staff engagement and embed a ‘ground-up' solutions culture. This Thermo Scientific Tiered Metric Standup Meetings video clip was used to stimulate discussion about the importance of daily communications in a Continuous Improvement strategy.

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