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  • Richard Blow

Recovery with resilience

Getting your business back on track post Covid using Interim Expertise

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you realise that you can’t control everything. But as we move towards the recovery phase knowing that economic growth can only resume when Corona virus is controlled, we need to focus on what we can control, where we can make differences, what we can do better and how we can optimise potential. Management goals shift from managing the crisis, keeping the organisation functioning, to managing the transition back to a restored future.

As we emerge from crisis management to business continuity, business leaders are beginning to envisage what success looks like when economic growth resumes, how their business will thrive in the long term, and how they are going to make that happen. Faced with an unprecedented set of changes and challenges, more organisations than ever are looking to hiring interim expertise to kickstart recovery and change. .

By using interim experts as an additional resource to meet your business objectives, you are creating a culture of innovation in your company. The strategic use of interim talent represents thinking that is “outside the box.”

Performance Drivers and its team of Grey Haired Gurus was built to answer the need for the knowledge, skills, and wisdom born of experience. When engaged by an organisation they will accelerate its journey to improvement and greater success, delivering measurable and sustainable outcomes. Whether you need advice, have a short-term requirement or a complex and evolving project, we have a large team of interim experts with proven records ready to start today. Find out more about our Grey Haired Gurus.

First and foremost, hiring an Interim Expert is cost effective Interim experts are free of many of the costs associated with a permanent employee. Businesses avoid a long-term commitment to the entitlement costs and inducements involved in the recruitment of permanent staff. A Grey Haired Guru can be onboarded quickly to work part-time or on a project basis when you need them, for a time period you can control providing vital cost savings. The speed in hiring an interim expert is days as opposed to the weeks or months it can take to find the right permanent employee. The changes and improvement to an organisation can begin sooner rather than languishing while a permanent employee is found, essential when time constraints are paramount. When a company is in flux the cost of failure to deliver change quickly far outweighs the cost of hiring an Interim Executive.

Interim Experts hit the ground running An experienced interim professional is ready to step in and lead complex projects, deliver and create value and have an immediate impact from Day 1. Our Grey Haired Gurus are experienced and have excelled in their careers. Many have cut their teeth as senior managers within large, multinational organisations. They've seen a little bit of everything. As a highly experienced management resource, interim experts can grasp business challenges quickly and can add value immediately.

Interim Experts bring independent assessment As an independent external resource, interim experts excel at offering strategic advice bringing a fresh perspective to an organisation. They give an objective view on what is best for a business and are able to contribute honestly without being seen as a threat to existing management teams. Experience shows staff welcome interim managers into the business, especially when it is understood that that they are not a threat but are there to assist in achieving specific goals.

Interim Executives are results driven Professional interim executives are talented, results-driven individuals, dedicated to driving change and making a difference. As independent operators, interim executives are completely committed to their clients. Their future engagements rely heavily on referrals and successful track record of delivery. They have a huge influence in the success of the assignments they undertake and will go all out to deliver.

For more information about how Performance Drivers can help you find the right interim expert to lead a turn-around situation or fill the skills gap, please contact us.


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